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Volunteers (either Tanzanian or from abroad) are welcome to help FONELISCO.

The program structure of volunteers at FONELISCO is based on the number of volunteers available. The more volunteers present will result in more activities which can take place. Volunteer activities can include:

  • teaching students (nursery/preschool, helping with homework, English lessons)
  • HIV awareness and sex education
  • individual and group counseling
  • daily sports and games
  • general care of the children
  • weekly night walk to speak with street children
  • home visits to relatives of current FONELISCO children as well as visiting children who have been reintegrated with their family
  • helping with the administration
  • cooking
  • help with small repairs and yard work at the orphanage
  • help with cultivating and planting on the New Land


One of the unique opportunities that FONELISCO can provide to volunteers is to create a volunteer experience that will improve FONELISCO but is tailored to the expertise of the volunteer.  Joseph Elias, director of FONELISCO, is happy to speak with any potential volunteers to discuss what type of work they would like to do at FONELISCO.

Most volunteers stay at FONELISCO for a period of 1 month up to 6 months. But they are very welcome to stay even longer!

Volunteers who come to FONELISCO are asked to pay a fee (518 USD/month).  This money is used to cover the volunteer’s accommodation and food, airport transfers on arrival and depature, as well as it is a little donation to the organization to pay the costs of running the orphanage such as education, health care, rent, food, administration, support from local project staff etc.


Activities for volunteers


We have around 50 children at the centre. The age is between 3 to 19 years old. Volunteers are expected to teach a small group of very young children from 9 to 11am each morning. Then many volunteers give extra classes to the older children in subjects such as Maths, Biology and especially English. These extra classes are vital to the children education so they can catch up in school, as many of them have spent years of their childhood out of school. Some of the younger children aren't able to read and write and need lots of extra attention. Lessons are usually good fun for both the volunteers and the children, where volunteers have the opportunity to teach in creative ways such as using role plays, art projects, and educational games.


At the weekend the volunteers have the opportunity to bring the children on day trips outside the centre. Previous trips have included the beach, a football match, boat trips, safaris, etc. Also, smaller trips are possible like to the park to play football. The children and volunteers both have great fun on trips out of the centre.


Some previous volunteers regarded it to be a good idea to take the children to a swimming pool.  6 month unlimited trip passes are available at Isamilo International School (Up to 5 adults and 20 children). The children love to go swimming and really enjoy it when they share this experience with volunteers.  Help in obtaining this pass can be received from Joseph.


After lessons or at weekends, volunteers can co-ordinate or participate in fun activities for the children, such as a sports day, dancing, games such as musical chairs, badminton, volleyball, basketball, team building games, treasure hunts and any other imaginative ideas volunteers can think of.

HIV and Behavioral change programme:

The children participate in a HIV programme and behavioral change group counseling sessions. These programmes are run by local qualified Tanzanians and people from abroad as well. The issues that are brought up in these programmes are extremely important to the children in their daily life. Many of the children used to live on the street or with abusive families, meaning that the children are very vulnerable and the tools that they learn in these programmes are vital to their lifes. The volunteers are informed about the topics brought up in these programme and can reiterate them in ways such as using worksheets, role-plays, posters, art, etc.

Caring for the children:

The children get sick on a regular basis. This is usually due to malaria, worms or amoeba. There are several hospitals in town where the children can be tested for these illnesses. Volunteers take the children to the clinic or hospital and once the illness is known, volunteers buy the appropriate medicine at a local pharmacy and use accordingly (it is not their duty to pay the treatment but to accompaign the child). This is generally a morning activity for volunteers, to care for a child who has stayed at the centre because it wais too sick for school.













More information for the volunteers:

Fundraising tips:

If volunteers get the chance to do some fundraising before coming to volunteer at the project this would be greatly appreciated. The project is always struggling with funds, especially when new children are regularly turning up at the centre. If you have any questions about fundraising please do not hesitate to contact us. Previous fundraising activities carried out by volunteers are sponsored runs, charity dances and dinners, raffles, coffee mornings, organizing a flew market, benefit partys, concerts and many more.


Volunteers will stay in a house a couple of minute walk from the orphanage (pictures see below). There are three  bedrooms - each with two beds and their own toilet/shower.  There is also a furnished living room with TV and fridge and a shared toilet/shower.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for volunteers. A mosquito net, pillow and bed sheet will be given for you as well. Please bring your own blanket/ sleeping bag if you wish more than a bed sheet to cover yourself during night and your own towels.

There is also the option to stay in one of the hotels nearby the orphanage. If you choose to stay there, the price for accommodation will increase but we can help you organizing this as well.

Mwanza is situated in North Tanzania, right on Lake Victoria. It is called Rock city, as there are huge rocks placed all over the city. There is a beach nearby and a pool at a local hotel which volunteers can relax at during the weekend. Volunteers also have the opportunity to go on safari to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro or Rubondo Island. The project can help to organize this for volunteers who want to arrange a safari during their stay.

Costs of volunteering:

400 USD per month.

This price includes accomodation, three meals per day, and a small donation to the orphanage.


The volunteerhouse is located in a 5 minutes walking distance.

A good place to relax or to do some computer work!

The living room with fridge and TV.

One of the three rooms for volunteers.

Three of the rooms have own toilet and shower.

This is Tabitha, one of our girls, who are cooking for our volunteers!